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Watershed Marketing Group
Not-for-profit services include:
  • Funding campaigns
  • Event management
  • Public relations

Are you ready to develop some exciting new strategies?

With over 80,000 not-for-profits in Canada, vying for funding is a competitive business. Thatís where our expertise can help.

Our goal is to help you achieve results.

Not-for-profit organizations face the ongoing challenge of ever-dwindling government support. Our background includes diverse experience helping not-for-profit organizations generate awareness and raise funds through a variety of marketing vehicles. We lend our experience to assist with initiatives not limited to event planning and coordination, sponsorship development, fundraising campaigns, membership drives, and identification and implementation of new marketing avenues.

Is marketing expertise partnered with a social conscience important to your organization?

Then Watershed Marketing Group is a good fit. For years, we have worked hand-in-hand with not-for-profits to provide solid marketing and Communications tools. We understand the issues that face charitable organizations, schools, and associations. We work to cut through the clutter to reach your targets.

Get some creative new strategies working for your organization!

We are passionate about helping you develop the resources you need to position your organization to compete in the not-for-profit sector.

Complementary services that will help improve your fundraising competitiveness include:

Strategy and Planning - Branding - Communications
Consulting - Project Management - Creative

If you are ready to set and achieve new fundraising goals Contact Us today and get your marketing team working for you.