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Event Details:
  • Effective Show Strategies I**
    (Show Planning)

    January 2011
    Full Day Session

  • Effective Show Strategies II**
    (At Show Success)

    March 2011
    Half-day Session

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Power Workshop Series

About Our Presenter...
Introducing our founder, Lara Veltkamp

"My passion is helping other entrepreneurs achieve their goals," enthuses Lara Veltkamp, President of Watershed Marketing Group Inc.

"Running a business can be a struggle: finding and keeping clients, negotiating with vendors, managing staff, connecting with the right people... and the ever-present cash flow challenge. It's very easy for small business owners to become overwhelmed and frustrated, especially if they've never run a successful business before, or if the support isn't there."

"I want to help make it easier for those business owners - help them be better informed about options, learn what makes good strategy, and create strong brands. Moving from being overwhelmed to a place of knowledge and strength can only be a good thing."

She adds, "After all, small business is the backbone of the economy, and if we're going to move with strength into the future, we need to ensure small business is supported for success in every way possible."

Lara Veltkamp has been trained and mentored extensively by those who have taught "the best in the field" of power learning, super teaching, and accelerated methodology. She utilizes her 20 plus years of successful small-business ownership and corporate experience to equip other entrepreneurs in realizing their goals. In 1998, Lara founded Watershed Marketing Group Inc., a diverse marketing strategy and consulting firm that has since enabled numerous companies in the GTA and York Region to connect with their marketplace and achieve amazing results. In addition, thousands of individuals have taken advantage of Lara's insights through her dynamic training seminars that focus on actionable ideas and proven techniques often missed by growing companies.

Lara's true passion is evident in her commitment to her clients and her desire to equip business owners like herself is unparalleled. She incorporates a holistic approach by leading a team who provides project management, creative and web design, event support, business consulting and training. Known for her insight, business acumen and keen desire to help other entrepreneurs achieve their goals, Lara's quality service and integrity makes her a cut above the rest.

A dynamic speaker, Lara's insight and ability to connect with her audience make her training sessions events worth attending.

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