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Watershed Marketing Group

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Communications services include:
  • Public Relations
  • Stakeholder Relations
  • Writing and editing (articles, media pieces etc.)
  • Newsletters
  • Corporate Messaging

Effective, engaging, consistent communications is the key to successful marketing

Appropriate and effective communications with your market and your stakeholders is imperative to achieving internal enthusiasm and achieving sales goals.

We strategize with you to achieve on-target messaging that gets results!

Supporting your unique selling position with passion, integrity, and consistency is key to successfully marketing your product or service. We really do get excited about your business, and our communications are engaging and consistent with your market and messaging strategies. Our team strategizes with you to ensure messaging is meticulously on-target for advertising, media, trade shows, conferences, training and speaking opportunities.

In combination with media tools, which are imperative to gaining corporate exposure, our media management and relationship building will help ensure your Public Relations and Sales Kits get the attention they deserve.

Our comprehensive communications and media services include:

  • Communications & Media Planning
  • Media Research and Selection
  • Media Contact
  • Content Development - Articles, News Releases, Public Relations, Media Kits

Additional services that are complementary to our communications and media services include:

Branding - Strategy and Planning - Communications
Consulting - Project Management - Creative

If you are ready to create some excitement about your company - Contact Us today to get started.